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Autism Jersey
Autism Jersey case study


We are a grant-making trust and make donations to charities. Our mission is to support and work in partnership with charitable organisations which help people, especially those who are disadvantaged or disabled, to play a fuller role in communities throughout the Channel Islands.


The Lloyds Bank Foundation for the Channel Islands has donated in excess of £12 million to charities in the Channel Islands, the United Kingdom and Overseas since its inception in 1985.

The Foundation income for 2016 is £1.074m. Copies of the Annual Report and Accounts are available on request from the Executive Director of the Foundation and the Chairman’s Statement from the most recent Report may be read on this page.

Details of the other Lloyds Bank Foundations covering England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland may also be found on this site.

Guidelines for Applicants - you should read this if thinking about applying to the Foundation for a grant.



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