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The Application Process

Request an Application Pack

We can only accept applications on our application form. Our application pack contains the form and guidelines detailing the type of things we fund together with general advice on completing the application form.  It is extremely important to read this before completing the application form. 

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Discuss your application with us

We encourage applicants to discuss their project with us before completing the application form. This will help ensure that your project is within our criteria and that you are applying for an appropriate amount. You will also be informed of when you should hear a decision. Click here for contact details.

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Complete the Application Form

Please complete the application form electronically.  Please contact the Executive Director if you have any questions while completing the application form.  Please submit the completed form by email, and post the signed copy with the supporting documentation to the Executive Director.

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We will assess your application. This is usually at a meeting/visit. We will always ring you first to arrange an appropriate time to meet/visit. It is helpful if you keep a copy of the application you sent in so you can answer any questions more easily. For a small proportion of applications, we may not need to speak to you. For example, where we have already discussed the project before you completed the application form. The final decision is made by the Foundation's Trustees and usually takes up to four months.

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A Decision

You will receive a letter from us telling you our decision. If you have been successful, the payment is made direct into your charity bank account. If you have been unsuccessful, the letter will outline the broad reason why we turned down your application. If you are unsuccessful you may re-apply after a period of one year from the date of the decline letter.

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If you have received a grant

We require confirmation that you have received the funds and that they will be applied in the way specified in our letter. Also:

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If you receive a "one-off" single payment:

You will receive a feedback form which we ask you to complete and send to us ten months after the date of the grant.

We are happy to offer guidance on the completion of the form - just give us a call - click here for contact details.


We visit most projects that we have funded.  We will be in touch with you if we would like to visit.


If you receive a two or three year grant:

We require a completed feedback form ten months after the date you received the grant. Once we receive this and are satisfied we can make the next payment.

We will offer help to you in completing this form.

We are not trying to catch people out with the form, and if problems have arisen then we will try and work together to resolve these. We also need to see your annual report and accounts, for each year of the life of the grant.


We visit a number of projects that we have funded. We will be in touch with you if we would like to visit.

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Making a further application

If you have received a grant from us, we generally ask for a gap of one year from the date of the final payment before you send in another application.

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