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Chair's Review of 2018

It gives me great pleasure to report on the activities of Lloyds Bank Foundation for the Channel Islands during 2018.

It has been a year in which the Board has repeatedly challenged itself in considering what it could do and how it could work to increase the breadth of support it provides to charities in the Channel Islands.

As a result, the Foundation has broadened its remit from simply responding to applications for financial support.

For the first time, we were proactive in identifying a need for charitable work and sought a partner which would deliver it. The result was that the Foundation provided £50,468 to establish support for mental health and wellbeing in Alderney. This, we believe, will provide significant benefit in an island where there are significant challenges in accessing the support and services available in the larger islands.

Another example of working differently comes with the expansion of non-grant support for charities. Thanks to the willingness of Lloyds Banking Group, and of senior bank colleagues to get involved, we have provided mentoring to five different charities in Jersey and Guernsey.

We have established a constructive dialogue with government in both Jersey and Guernsey which I am confident will bring benefit to the charitable sector in the Islands. The States of Jersey and Guernsey are working to develop and improve their relationships with charities and to help charities develop and improve their own methods of working. As several of the charities which we fund also receive government funding there is benefit to be gained from our stronger partnership with government, as well as with other Channel Island funding charities.

In 2017 Lloyds Bank Foundation for the Channel Islands led an initiative to bring together all the significant funders in Jersey and this Jersey Funders Group now meets regularly. We discuss matters of common interest; we invite speakers through which to become better informed, and we are more aware of developing trends in the charitable sector. In Guernsey, the Foundation actively participates in a similar funders initiative. We believe that these forums will help to make the charitable sector in both islands more robust and will also lead to improved funding practices and better targeting of funding to where it is most needed.

The Foundation board met in November to decide its strategy for the next 12 months. Our aims include attracting a higher number of applications from small, lesser-known charities; focusing on the diversity of our board to ensure that it is representative of the islands' communities; further developing our relationships with both Jersey and Guernsey governments; establishing an improved social media presence, and being clearer about our priorities, so that fewer applications will be declined because the applicant did not match our criteria for awarding grants.

And so, we are making considerable efforts to be smarter and more comprehensive in our work which ultimately supports people who face challenges in our society. But the main focus of our activity is still providing financial support to charities which help disadvantaged people in our islands’ communities, whether the disadvantage be social, financial, mental or physical.

In 2018 we approved £925,766 across 29 grants to charities in Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney and they are detailed in Note 12 of the Financial Statements on page 35.

In 2018 we received covenant income of £554,183 from Lloyds Banking Group. We were able to increase our grant-giving by drawing on the Foundation’s reserves which have been strengthened by investment income following the conversion of the Foundation’s Lloyds Bank shares from Limited Voting Shares to Ordinary Shares in 2017.

Lloyds Banking Group staff in the Channel Islands have their own separate charitable activities and we are committed to match the funding they provide to local charities, pound for pound. In 2018 £22,461 (2017: £37,167) was committed to the Matched Giving scheme. I congratulate all those involved on their generosity and energy in helping local charities.

Apart from providing financial help and skills-based support from Bank colleagues, the Board of the Foundation is looking at other ways in which we can support and strengthen local charities through training and events. Our seminars, “The art of great storytelling” in February 2018 had the objective of supporting charities to better tell the story of how they help to improve people’s lives and strengthen communities across our islands.  We hosted over 150 charity representatives, States representatives and charity sector stakeholders at two events in Jersey and Guernsey.  In October we partnered with Lloyds Banking Group on two events focused on improving digital know-how of almost 100 charities across the Channel Islands.

I was sad to say farewell to Jersey Trustee and Chair of our Audit and Investment Committee, Andy Dann, and Sarah Bamford, Guernsey Trustee who both retired from the Board after completing six and seven years respectively. I am very grateful for their commitment to directing the Foundation in its charitable objectives, and for their energy and enthusiasm in addressing disadvantage and inequality in the islands’ communities. We have been fortunate in our appointment of two new Trustees and welcome Heather MacCallum, Chair of our Audit and Investment Committee and Richard Musty to our Board.

It only remains for me to thank my fellow Trustees for the unstinting work they do to support the Foundation, and also our Executive Director, Johanna LePoidevin, who has worked tirelessly for the Foundation. And also, to thank all those who work with us to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

All grants during 2018 (excluding cancelled grants and Matched Giving) fell within one or other of the two main objects of the Foundation: Education and Training, or Social and Community Needs.



No of Grants

Grants £

Health including Mental Health



Community Support



Support for People with Disabilities



Training, employment and lifelong learning



Relationships including caring



Victim Support



Offenders / Ex-offenders



Support for Children and Young People



Support for Older People



Total Grants



Katie Le Quesne
Chair of Trustees