Who we like to fund

People with health issues or a disability - We support charities which create opportunities for people with health issues or a disability to live and work independently.

People experiencing homelessness - We help charities which provide accommodation and support for people who are homeless, and support their return into society.

People with dependency on alcohol or drugs - We support charities providing education and rehabilitation for people who misuse alcohol and drugs.

Carers - We help charities providing support, training, and respite care.

Challenging disadvantage and discrimination - We help charities who challenge discrimination and stigma, and promote equality of opportunity for all.

People with literacy problems - We support learning programmes for people disadvantaged by poor education and literacy.

People affected by domestic violence - We support charities who help prevent and protect people from abusive relationships.

People leaving institutional care to live independently - We help charities providing support and accommodation for people who are getting back into society, maybe after leaving care or prison.

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