Our people

Executive Director

A woman with shoulder-length curly grey hair is smiling at the camera against a plain black background.

Jo Le Poidevin

Board of Trustees

A woman with short, light brown hair is sitting on a park bench, smiling at the camera.

Philippa Stahelin (Chair)

A man wearing a light blue and white checkered shirt, smiling at the camera.

Brian Heath MBE (Deputy Chair)

A woman with short, blonde hair is seated at a table, looking directly at the camera with a confident expression.

Adele Bohlen

A man with short brown hair and glasses smiles into the camera. He is wearing a black suit and green tie.

Neil Fellows

A young woman with shoulder-length brown hair, smiling in a well-lit indoor setting.

Poppy Murray

An older man with short, white hair is standing and looking at the camera with a gentle smile.

David Pirouet

A woman with brown hair is smiling at the camera against a plain white background.

Hana Plsek

Tracey Rear MA, BSc (Hons), Dip TC, Dip DD, Dip CPC, MBACP (Reg), MFDAP

Tom Holvey