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Chair's Statement

It gives me great pleasure to report on the activities of Lloyds Bank Foundation for the Channel Islands during 2017.

Providing financial help in the form of grants is the main focus of our work and we prefer to support charities which help disadvantaged people in our islands community; whether it be social, financial, mental or physical. As always over the last 33 years, the assistance we provide to local charities was much in demand during 2017 and we were both busy and productive. We approved 23 grants to charities in Jersey and Guernsey (which included Alderney) and they are detailed below.

The grants approved totalled £675,991 (2016: £703,753). This is a fairly small reduction in funding, compared with the previous year, and remains broadly in line with the level of grant giving agreed by Trustees whilst we receive the minimum funding guaranteed from Lloyds Banking Group. The banking industry in general has suffered since the global crisis of 2007-2008 and we greatly appreciate Lloyds’ continued generosity in the face of continuing business pressures. We welcome Lloyds’ success in weathering the storm and its return in 2017 to a fully private sector company. We also very much welcome the Bank’s clear determination to continue to support its Foundations.

Our minimum annual funding guaranteed by the Bank is £460,500. In 2017 the Foundation’s shareholding in Lloyds Banking Group was converted from limited voting shares into ordinary shares, which provided a windfall which boosted our overall financial position. Our reserves at the end of 2017 stood at £2,337,441 (2016: £817,907). We intend to continue to use our reserves cautiously to maintain an overall level of grants around £700,000.

Lloyds Banking Group staff in the Channel Islands have their own separate charitable activities and we are committed to match the funding they provide to local charities, pound for pound. In 2017 £37,167 (2016: £55,147) was committed to the matched giving scheme. I congratulate them on the charitable work they do.

Apart from providing financial help, the Board of the Foundation is looking at other ways in which we can support and strengthen local charities. Our seminars in January 2017 had the objective of ‘Helping the Channel Islands Prosper’ and focused on how to strengthen the charitable sector as a whole. We hosted over 150 charity representatives, States members and civil servants at two events.

Our seminars have traditionally given Channel Islands charities the opportunity to increase skills and to network and this will continue, using our close links with them to judge which learning would help them most.

We attach great importance to working in partnership and I believe we demonstrate this through our close links to local charities, with States representatives, with Lloyds Bank and its staff, and – more recently – with other significant trusts and foundations in both Jersey and Guernsey. I believe that by working together, we will achieve more for the vulnerable people we all want to help than if we worked without that dialogue.

I was sad to say farewell to Guernsey Trustee and deputy chair, Simon Howitt, who retired at the end of his six-year term. I am grateful to him for the support he provided to me as a newly-appointed chair. We have been fortunate in our appointment of a new Guernsey Trustee and welcome Gavin Ferguson to our Board.

It only remains for me to thank my fellow Trustees for the unstinting work they do to support the Foundation, and also our executive director, Johanna Le Poidevin, who has worked tirelessly for the Foundation. And also to thank all those who work with us to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves.



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Katie Le Quesne
Chair of Trustees