Who we fund

What we fund

We provide funding to charities in the Channel Islands specifically for salaries and core operating costs, including rent and other general running expenses. This also encompasses small, volunteer-led charities with costs related to awareness-raising and marketing campaigns.

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When evaluating applications, our trustees consider evidence of sound governance, effective service delivery, good financial management, and sustainable activities with measurable outcomes. With a growing number of applications, we prioritise allocating funds to organisations that demonstrate best practices, exceptional merit, or significant need.

For grants allocated to new appointments or programs, we typically release funds once the appointment is made or just before the program’s start date. This ensures efficient and effective use of our charity support and grants.

Who we like to fund

Underpinning all our work is our unwavering commitment to providing funding for charities in the Channel Islands, empowering charitable organisations to help people, especially those facing disadvantages, to actively participate in their local communities.

Aligned with this ethos, we prioritise specific issues. Our focus includes offering charity support in the Channel Islands and distributing charity grants in the Channel Islands to address these critical areas:

Health including mental health issues or a disability

We support charities which create opportunities for people with health issues including mental health or a physical or learning disability to live and work independently.


We help charities which provide accommodation and support for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and support their return into society.

People leaving institutional care to live independently

We help charities providing support and accommodation for people who are getting back into society after leaving care or prison.

Addiction and dependency

We support charities providing education and rehabilitation for people who misuse alcohol and drugs and have gambling problems.

Loneliness and isolation

We help charities providing support to people who are vulnerable, people experiencing loneliness and people with carer responsibilities.

Employment, literacy, financial literacy and debt problems

We support employment and learning programmes for people disadvantaged by poor education and literacy including financial literacy and debt problems.

Domestic violence

We support charities who help prevent and protect people from abusive relationships.

Human Rights

We help charities who promote and protect human rights issues (from modern slavery to sexual exploitation), and charities who challenge discrimination and promote equality, diversity and inclusion.