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Please contact the Executive Director to discuss your funding request before completing a grant application:

Jo Le Poidevin
01481 706360

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What we fund

We fund charities which help to improve the lives of the people they support, especially socially excluded or disadvantaged people.

We will only fund salaries and core operating costs including rent and other general running costs.

This will include small, volunteer led and run charities who have awareness-raising and marketing campaign costs.

In considering applications, the trustees are influenced by evidence of: sound governance, good service delivery, good financial management, sustainable activities measured against identifiable outcomes. On that basis, decisions have to be made on an increasing volume of applications to allocate funds to organisations which can demonstrate good practice, particular merit, or need.

If we feel it would benefit a charity we will, when possible, provide a mentor who will help to build the capacity of the organisation.

If a grant is allocated for a new appointment or programme we will normally release funds only when the appointment has been made or immediately prior to the programme start date.

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