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A woman with short, blonde hair is seated at a table, looking directly at the camera with a confident expression.

Lloyds Bank Foundation for the Channel Islands welcomes new Trustee

A man stands on a podium. He is smiling and clutching his chin.

Thank you, Alasdair

A woman with brown hair is smiling at the camera against a plain white background.

Lloyds Bank Foundation for the Channel Islands appoints new board member

A group of people in casual dress are smiling at the camera in front of a greenhouse.

The power of lived experience in leadership

A man with a nametag, holding a coffee cup, talks with others at a professional event.

Gavin Ferguson farewell piece

An older man with short, white hair is standing and looking at the camera with a gentle smile.

Lloyds Bank Foundation Channel Islands appoints new Trustee

Case studies

People carrying a rainbow coloured sheet between buildings that are hanging rainbow flags, showing support for LGBTQ+ community.

Liberate Guernsey, supporting Guernsey’s LBGTQ+ community

An elderly couple is walking enjoying a peaceful moment together.

Dementia Jersey

A woman with brown hair is smiling at another woman with short light brown hair who faces away from the camera.

Guernsey Voluntary Service

Two women, one blonde and one brunette, are sitting at a table covered with art supplies.

Kairos Arts

A man with grey hair and glasses smiles at the camera while leaning on a table. He is surrounded by stacks of cardboard boxes.

Caritas Jersey

A woman in a yellow shirt provides information to another person.

Jersey Women’s Refuge, the only independent domestic violence charity in Jersey