Kairos Arts

Kairos Arts creates and facilitates therapeutic arts workshops for groups and one-to-one interventions with children and young people.

“We believe that the therapeutic nature of our workshops can form an intrinsic part of the healing process for those dealing with trauma and pain and can empower them to rediscover a sense of self-worth.”

The Foundation awarded Kairos Arts with £32,700 towards the salaries of two key staff members.

“The Foundation has equipped us with strength, vision, and confidence when we needed it. Thank you for believing in us,”
Cathy comments.

Kairos Arts truly does make a difference to the lives of the people they support. Cathy told us an example of an eleven-year-old boy who was feeling lost, disconnected, and showing high levels of anxiety as we emerged from Covid.

He was only drawn to work with plasticine. While he was unable to verbally express how he felt, the plasticine was ripped, stabbed, broken, and discarded.

Through one-to-one sessions, Cathy helped him to establish boundaries and build connection. By the last session, he created a character that was kept, along with a container to keep him in, because he himself felt safe and contained. Since then, he has begun to make friendships and discovered a renewed self-worth.

“Through the arts, we can express the inexpressible. This can be vital for those not ready to enter a verbal therapeutic setting. The creative arts bypass the rational part of the brain and tap into the deepest part of a person.” – Cathy Sara, Creative Director

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