Relate Guernsey

Relate offers adult relationship counselling for couples and individuals in a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental environment with fully trained professionals.

The Foundation awarded Relate with £20,000 towards its core operating costs and to help the charity achieve its business plan.

The funding has been used to train two new counsellors, as well as going towards an MSc course in psychosexual therapy for another counsellor. Relate has also booked internationally renowned therapist Professor Mick Cooper for a workshop on relational depth which is open to all counsellors and therapists on the Island.

Cecilia Bjorkman Willis, who undertook her MSc with the support of the grant, explains, “Psychosexual therapy treats individuals and couples with clinically defined sexual dysfunctions; whether they are rooted in a physical illness, a side effect of medication, or more psychologically based difficulties.

“Intimacy is a critical part of self-worth, attachment, and wellbeing. Psychosexual problems can be extremely distressing for those impacted, resulting in mental health decline and a higher risk of couple separation. Relate Guernsey can now support many more couples with this much needed therapy.”

“Healthy relationships are at the heart of a healthy community,” says Michelle

Champion, Manager at Relate Guernsey. “If someone is having fewer problems with their spouse, children are happier and learn healthy relationships, and friends and work colleagues do not suffer the impact.”

“We’d sincerely like to thank Lloyds Bank Foundation for the Channel Islands for supporting us to help more people on the Island and to help secure a sustainable future for Relate Guernsey.” – Michelle Champion, Manager

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